Murmur the word is helpful for healthy long life
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In Turkmen Si Tan has the hamlet place of business of a Keneiyifu calling the Buddhist nun, life of the old person inside the village passes 100 person many. People discusses the secret of this mayor birthday, it is to talk in a low voice so. This village is called accordingly ” of “ murmur village.

Villager convention still was promulgated on the village, the regulation makes a racket and make blare attribute illegal action, refuse to mend one's ways despite of repeated admonition person will be punished severely, be imprisoned even. So, this village became the ” of village of “ murmur long life with famed far and near. Visible, murmur is helpful for healthy long life.

Best-know, the voice that people does not need makes noise. Noise source of the city has noise of construction of traffic, industry, building, life to wait.

For health, allowable noise is 70~90 decibel, ensure the condition of mental work is 40~60 decibel, rest to be 30~42 decibel with Morpheus. Our country was made " level of noise of urban district environment " , all sorts of area cent is 5 kinds.

0 kinds: Day 50 decibel, night 40 decibel, special and quiet borough. 1 kind: Day 55 decibel, night 45 decibel, area of dweller culture and education. 2 kinds: Day 60 decibel, night 50 decibel, the dweller is jumbly area. 3 kinds: Day 65 decibel, night 55 decibel, industrial district. 4 kinds: Day 70 decibel, night 55 decibel, main road area.

Noise is pollution of a kind of environment, strong noise makes person audition is damaged, this kind of loss accumulates a gender, be like water constantly dripping wears holes in stone. The newspaper carries, germany has 12 million ~1500 10 thousand people suffer from audition obstacle, 10 thousand people of 6 million ~800 tinnitus. Person ear cannot be like an eye to be shut in that way rise, in although be in,falling asleep, hearing also is disturbed, the noise of year in year out brought about numerous audition obstacle patient.

Visible, for the health of oneself and other, everybody should reduce noise self-consciously, if talk in a low voice, do not make a racket; Do not press a horn in disorder; Civilized construction. In addition, still should use the technical method such as protective screen of sound absorption, sound insulation, noise elimination, vibration isolation, sound insulation in the light of different sound source. Dweller building does not face a street to build; Should much forest is planted grass.