Do not send with fruit juice take medicaments
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Fruit juice nutrition, delicate, many parents review idiomatic fruit juice sends medicine to the child, feel to be able to offset already of medicine acrid, make the child darling give in, can complement again nutrition and moisture, kill two birds with one stone. Little imagine, fruit juice sends medicine actually harmful and profitless.
England " peaceful interview person newspaper " reported recently, the clinical pharmacologist of rude university already affirmed Canadian Xi'an, nearly 50 kinds of medicaments can produce reaction with fruit juice. For example, grapefruit juice, orange juice and cider can restrain a part to combat allergic medicine, heart disease medicine, cancer drug and the effect that fight infection drug. The scientist discovers at the same time, fruit juice still can magnify the medical effect of another some of medicaments, make standard of the remedy inside body lifts suddenly, cause a harm.
"Fruit juice and medicine cannot be taken together really. " medicine of hospital of Beijing of Ministry of Public Health learns department head Sun Chunhua accepting " life times " when the reporter is interviewed, express, vitamin C and fruit acid are contained mostly in fruit juice. Above all, these acidity material can bring about a few medicaments to shift to an earlier date to decompose or be dissolved, go against medicaments to be absorbed inside small intestine, affect medical effect. Wait for icing like element of erythromycin, chloromycetin, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread piece, in acidity environment, the deliquescent meeting of icing is quickened, action was lost before making medicaments did not enter small intestine, can make harmful material with acidity solution reaction even. Next, in acidity environment, the side-effect of some medicaments can increase, produce adverse effect to human body, wait like aspirin of indole beautiful laborious, analgin, compound, gastric mucous membrane is stimulated in the meeting in acidity environment, the person that weigh may cause haemorrhage of gastric mucous membrane.
Finally, sun Chunhua expresses: "Take medicine to had better use Bai Shui, can make sure medical effect is mixed most so the safety that use drug. " general medicaments should send with Wen Shui take, the ability after taking medicine half hours to arrive one hour is drinkable fruit juice and beverage. In addition, sun Chunhua still points out, besides fruit juice, beverage of vegetable juice, carbonic acid also cannot be used send take medicaments. (life times)