The expert says new pharmaceuticals bracket increases a doctor to treat complex
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On October 24, 2008 - on the plenary meeting of cardiology of international of the 19th Great Wall that holds in center of Beijing international conference, the expert is with Endeavor Sprint of bracket of medicaments of beautiful Dui Lixin exemple point out, what place of this one bracket uses is newest carry a technology, make person of go to the bad reduced endodermis injury and the pecuniary loss that cannot be passed because of vintage bracket sometimes and cause in art, increased a doctor to treat the assurance of patient of complex pathological changes at the same time, improve operation efficiency. The medicaments carrier with its height compatible biology, reduced the occurence rate of the late thrombus that send a gender greatly.

Assistant dean of total hospital of Shenyang military region holds director of heart internal medicine Professor Han Yaling concurrently to point out on the meeting, bracket carries the bracket establish that is a success to enter the first stage of the operation. Endeavor Sprint of bracket of new pharmaceuticals of beautiful honest force pledges through choosing softer ball bag capable person, a more agile upright design and smaller through external diameter, rose to transport property further. To the patient, such medicaments bracket carries a system to mean the loss that reduces pair of endodermis, also reduced the pecuniary loss that cannot adopt certain and complex pathological change because of bracket and causes; To the doctor, this means those who increased to treat complex pathological changes to hold, if diabetic, outflank bends,reach high calcify pathological changes to wait; In the meantime, improve push send lever to be helpful for bifurcate pathological changes (the pathological change that in blood-vessel place opening fork produces, the operation is more complex and tall to appliance requirement) , and the operation of intervening operation of classics radial artery.

In system of support of medicaments wash out, get together more content is the carrier that carries medicaments, can rise medicaments and bracket platform union, do not affect the medical effect of medicaments at the same time, also have certain effect to medicaments pH indicator is controlled and be being released. In speak of measure medicaments stand when long-term security, professor of expert poplar leap forward points out disease of assistant dean of the hospital outside mounding, heart and vessels, get together more content has important sense to the long-term security of bracket. A series of animal experiment and clinical research make clear, what bracket of wash out of generation medicaments uses is much get together the local inflammation He Chaomin that content caused bracket position reacts, organize biology consistence to differ namely, affected the normal heal of hemal endodermis cell, namely endodermis is changed. Endodermis changes defer or not be the cause that causes late hair thrombus completely.

That what kind of get together more is content ideal? Yang Yue enters a professor to point out, biology consistence, do not cause the reaction that discharge different namely. Biology consistence included 3 fields: Hydrophily, blame send phlogistic sex to cause inflammation cell not easily to gather namely, sex of blame thrombus source namely hematic clot is formed not easily. Of biology consistence get together more content can make blood-vessel gets normal rehabilitate: Namely the endodermis with fast, complete, in good condition function is changed.
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